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A Prairie Lotus massage is both grounding and blissful. Christie draws from her years of experience and her extensive training in the latest therapeutic techniques to meet your unique needs - you leave feeling balanced  and vital at the end of every session. Massages may also be combined with any of the heat-based therapies available.


All massages are $80 per hour. Mobile add an extra $20.


Add ons:

Sauna 30 minutes for $25



A grounding and blissful soft tissue massage


Breast Massage

Life cycle changes are associated with a variety of breast discomforts such as, congestion and tenderness. Many women have also had medical procedures for cosmetic, diagnostic or treatment purposes that have created discomfort. Breast massage includes lymphatic drainage, muscular and myofascial release, and is a gentle and effective way to relive these symptoms and promote breast health. 

Combined Decongestive Therapy

This gentle therapy is the best internationally recognized treatment for lymphedema. It offers a practical and long-lasting solution for people experiencing swelling as a result of surgery or cancer treatment, and includes massage as well as education on self-care, exercise and compression wrapping. Christies compassionate nature complements and supports the hands-on treatments.

Integrated Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, subtle technique that improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. Christie relies in her knowledge of lymph drainage techniques and her intuition to help you return to full health. This type of therapy is excellent for conditions such as: headaches, sprains, strains, TMJ, detoxification, neck strains and whiplash. 



Pregnancy is a time of transition that often demands we draw inwards and care for ourselves in new ways, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Prenatal massage is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. This massage is done in the side-lying position with supportive pillow for comfort and safety, and can help elevate many of the discomforts of pregnancy.



Childbirth and a new baby bring many changes to a mother – to her mind, body, and heart. A relaxing massage is a time for rest and renewal to help balance these new demands. Christie offers this service either in her studio or at a client’s home to accommodate the mother’s needs. 

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