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- About Christie-

As the founder of Prairie Lotus, she blends her joyful and compassionate presence with deep integrity and a therapeutically sound approach to massage, yoga and heat-based therapies. Christie is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and certified yoga instructor with a focus on women's health. She uses sensitivity, intuition, and experience along with powerful therapeutic techniques to offer a combination of services that meet the unique needs of each of her clients.

A registered massage therapist since 2008 and a certified yoga instructor since 2007, Christie has additional training in:

  • prenatal massage

  • myofascial release

  • thai massage

  • integrated lymphatic drainage

  • combined decongestive therapy

  • infant massage

She has advanced her yoga training with Yoga as Therapy, Yoga for Chronic Pain and is a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. Christie continues her education and training by following her interest in women's health and the integration of mind and body, bring together the best of massage, yoga and heat-based therapies.

Christie was also a birth doula for over 15 years and has completed several advanced workshops including Issues in Childbearing, understanding the Female Pelvis and an intensive weeklong Midwifery Assistant Skills Training workshop. Her experience in caring for women in pregnancy and birth has grown to become the foundation of her passion for working with women throughout their lives.

Christie has created Prairie Lotus to be a place that supports wholeness and health. She believes pausing for respite in our busy lives is a necessity rather than a luxury, and that we should have easy access to spaces that support a quiet retreat from the demands of the world. Prairie Lotus is a place to get to know yourself more deeply or to build community with others who are also seeking vibrant health.

Christie is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). This Canada- wide association promotes a healthy lifestyle using natural methods of healing and is recognized by all insurance providers.

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