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Regular yoga classes will resume in the fall. Over the summer, follow us on Facebook for any pop up classes.

Cleanse and Nourish

Come enjoy the heat and steam of the sauna while you cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturize. A little time spent in studio while we relax with a facial mask on but then back in sauna. A time to chill and socialize. All folks welcome. Bring sauna attire, towel and water bottle. All facial products are homemade and natural. 

Pop up class

$20 drop in

Follow us on facebook to see when we will hold this class next 


When we slow down and give respect to the cycles of our bodies, we can realign ourselves with the rhythms of the earth and gain insight into our physical and emotional needs. Establishing a calming yoga practise helps maintain good hormonal health. This class includes yoga, bodywork and heat.

Pop up class

Follow us on facebook to see when this class will be next

Sunday Sauna Social Scene

It's German Style and that means starting things out with a mild and slightly steamy sauna. Taking a nice 15 min or so break and then back in the sauna for the aufguss, the intense and steamy heat, enhanced after by sharing in a cold german style lager. While we take a break in the studio between the saunas we will enjoy a little self care yoga.

Do this for yourself!! Bring a friend or two.


Sunday evenings

Pop up class

Follow us on facebook to see when this class will be next

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